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The Future is Conversation

Amazon Alexa and other AI-powered intelligent digital assistants create a new market for companies and consumers to connect and transact beyond the desktop and mobile phone

Of users have used their voice assistant to shop or buy



Million smart devices to be shipped by 2022

Of users have used their voice assistant to search for something



thousand plus Amazon Alexa Skill and Google Assistant Apps

No One Waits in an On-Demand World

AI-powered services from Google, Amazon and others will be able to scan your businesses digital surfaces and relay some message about your business to consumers. For instance maybe what you do, or your physical location and store hours or customer reviews. But that is where it will stop.

If you want to control the messaging about your business, you will need to have a voice or chat based digital presence of your own. 

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Because these digital assistants will need to know your business

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